This is a new blog, based in the English Midlands, covering the Lockdown and related issues, the header photo having been taken at a protest on the 15th August in Victoria Square, Birmingham at which we were watched over by a drone, hence the woman in front of me looking up as well as a group of police on the edge of the square.  By contrast at the time there was a Socialist Whatever ‘Save the NHS’ stall on New Street which experienced no police monitoring of the three people – masked of course, to keep the establishment-driven fear factor going- who were running it.  I suggested to one of them that by following the mask agenda they were helping to keep Boris in power, but all I got was a blank look from behind the muzzle.

Child Abuse

It started with the closure of schools on the pretext that children for whom SARS-COV2, better known as COVID19, that poses virtually no risk, were transmission vectors.  The teaching unions and a great many teachers supported this move for the supposed ‘safety’ of the latter; the real agenda being to move teaching on-line to minimise the interaction between teacher and pupil.  The teacher would disseminate the information and that would be all, this being part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to denigrate education in the state sector, with most private schools also following suit.  Exams were cancelled to be replaced with teacher assessment from the same teachers who had had minimal contact with their pupils.

Children’s play areas were also closed, in some cases fenced off, taped off and even monitored for breaches of this security by our brave boys and girls in blue, the PCSO’s, for whom ridicule is the only appropriate way to deal with.  Neighbourhood snitches were replied upon as they will continue to be in the Abnormal.  The closure of these was another way to punish children for the crime of being young humans, needing the social interaction and learning to be gained from playing.  Strongest support for these authoritarian measures unsurprisingly came from the lockdown fanatics of illiberal Guardianista ‘progressives’.  When eventually re-opened play areas had propaganda signs from local authorities.  Some people may regard these as innocuous, but again they peddle the message that children must be kept apart as they are transmission vectors.

The next phase was mandating all children to wear a face mask at school for almost all of the 2020/21 academic year, inhibiting their breathing.  Perversely, some children were even asked to design their own to ‘normalise’ this.  Every teacher who enforced his or her pupils to wear a face mask is guilty of child abuse and should be dealt with appropriately by being prosecuted, with permanent termination of employment and to be prevented from ever working with children again.  This is unlikely to happen.  It is plausible that some of those children may in years to come take revenge upon the teachers who abused them in this way.  If so, it will be no less than those teachers deserve.  Worse than mask wearing, the agenda now being put forward by vaccinonces such as Devi Sridhar, is for children to get injected with the experimental medical treatment that none of them need.  Her social media echo chamber is made up of the same fascists who support children being forced to mask up.

Millions of children will be sacrificed to Big Pharma in order to stay within the state education system.  The cheerleaders for this will be those already highlighted above.  They will claim on social media to have had their children ‘jabbed’ and in some cases this may be true, though in many cases it will be nothing more than a perverse ‘virtue signalling’ claim.  Although the JCVI has now admitted that children aged 15 and under do not need to take any of the experimental ‘vaccines’, the Johnson regime, whose strings are pulled by Big Pharma, is pushing on with these injections, starting from today.  This unfortunately is not the first time that children have been experimented on, nor is it likely to be the last.  Further examples can be found in Brett Wilcox’s book Jabbed, mentioned in the previous blog post, and in Neil Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies, which gives the reference of the relevant published paper in each case.

Update, 16 September 2021

As a result of the Johnson regime’s ‘cabinet reshuffle’, Nadhim Zahawi has been appointed as Secretary of State for Education.  This is very disturbing news, given that he wants all schoolchildren aged 12 – 15 (and younger?) to be injected with experimental medical treatment for a virus that poses negligible risk to them.

Travelling Circus

Roll up, roll up, come and experience the amazing rapid test for a supposedly contagious virus for which you don’t show any symptoms.  Convenient town centre location, so that if you test ‘positive’ you can self-isolate in the town centre.  How?  You’ll have to figure that out.  Come early in the morning when we are setting up and there are hardly any other gullible punters.  You’ll need to go home as quickly as possible, avoiding other people.  Some of those people could be doing the same as you.  As money is apparently no object in this process then Warwickshire County Council should be able to provide a hazmat suit to anyone testing ‘positive’ and maybe an Uber parked nearby outside the Assembly Rooms, with a driver similarly attired, to get you home as quickly as possible.  If you are worried that this ‘positive’ test keeps the Pingdemic going, as our staff will tell you, it only does if you have the NHS app and our staff are too intelligent to bother with that app themselves, otherwise whichever of them handed out the test kit to the person who then tests ‘positive’, would also have to self-isolate.

warwick market place covid test centre reduced

You may think that this sounds like yet another scam related to the ‘pandemic’ that isn’t and never was, but Warwickshire County Council would never waste even more of your Council Tax than it has already on advertising Test & Trace.  And don’t forget that we still have the Megalab to keep the culture of testing going forever.  Of course, it is possible that you may want to continue getting tested.  If your substantive employment is office-based, but for the past seventeen months you have become acculturised to working from home, then a ‘positive’ test every fortnight could keep that going indefinitely if your employer plays along.  And if your employer is illegally coercing you and your colleagues to be injected with experimental medical treatment before being allowed to return to the office, then regular testing for the supposedly contagious virus is certainly less harmful.  With all the hype about the ‘Delta variant’, with the majority of hospitalisations being among the ‘double vaccinated’, then anyone who has been and has a touch of the sniffles, will be frightened enough to get tested, so Test and Trace will continue indefinitely.

It is becoming apparent that across several countries, the higher the proportion of people who have had that experimental medical treatment, the higher the COVID19 ‘case’ numbers per capita.  This could indicate that the ‘vaccinated’ themselves are the most likely to get tested, seeking reassurance in additional to their willingness to voluntarily go along with all aspects of the cult, but that they themselves are testing ‘positive’.  If the ‘vaccines’ themselves prevent virus transmission then the ‘case’ numbers must be meaningless so why continually test?  The ‘unvaccinated’ by contrast are themselves least likely to voluntarily get tested, just as they have refused to comply with the authoritarian measures of the past seventeen months and stayed fit and healthy as a consequence.  The COVID19 ‘case’ numbers themselves can only be meaningful if they forewarn of a surge in hospitalisations.  But where would these hospitalisations come from if not from the ‘vaccinated’ and tested themselves?  How could the ‘unvaccinated’ and untested be blamed for a surge in hospitalisations that is consequential of ‘case’ numbers among the ‘vaccinated’?

Informed Consent

We are now living in the future they designed for us.  And the plan, I believe, is that in the UK, the National Health Service will deteriorate so much that it becomes hated and despised – in the same way that it was once loved and respected. – Dr Vernon Coleman, from Endgame, The Hidden Agenda 21 (published March 2021).

If you want your NHS medical record to be kept confidential then the former National Health Service requires that you opt out of this being passed on to third parties, rather than you opting in for this.  This is an unethical approach, thus entirely in keeping with everything else that the NHS stands for: state control of the individual, with personal sovereignty being subordinated to the desire of the state, which can pass on your information to others without your informed consent.  In this case, a modicum of ethics would have meant a letter, or even an e-mail, marked confidential be sent to each patient from the relevant NHS Trust covering the area in which the person is resident.  But that was not done.  Instead, the only publicity was via social media, which many people do not use at all; and some only do so sporadically.  Even then it required that the person follow the relevant social media account or be fortunate enough to find it on the timeline of someone who may have reposted the link.  We are clearly Protecting the NHS from the notion of having any ethical behaviour towards its patients.

One former GP who has repeatedly warned about the continual decline in NHS patient care is Vernon Coleman, better known nowadays as a prolific author who used to write columns for the tabloid media.  Forty years ago Coleman, who practiced at the same surgery pictured above, Lisle Court Medical Centre in Brunswick, one of the poorer parts of Leamington Spa, became controversial for just writing ‘ill health’ on sick notes that he issued.  His position was that illnesses discussed with a GP should be confidential and could ruin a patient’s career.  A related clip from ATV Today can be found here (unfortunately some of the sound is missing).  It could be argued that if the illness affected the patient’s ability to undertake his or her employment then that should be specified on the sick note, but one could also argue that is a matter for the employee to discuss in confidence with his or her employer.  The point is that Coleman believed that confidentiality was paramount, something that the NHS now has scant regard for.

With all NHS Trusts and GP surgeries due to be privatised, then the corporate sector will take over from the public sector in deciding which other third parties have access to the patient data.  It is unlikely that patient confidentiality will be respected any more than it has been in the state sector.  The much discussed NHS smartphone app doubling as a ‘vaccine passport’ inherently compromises patient confidentiality.  If it were optional as it should always be, then the decision would be left with the patient as to whether to share such data with employers or other businesses.  The ‘vaccine passport’ part is simply the bait to get acceptance, with people being coerced, against the Nuremberg Code, into accepting the experimental medical treatment itself in order to keep employment, gain access to certain businesses and amenities (see previous post) and possibly even any form of health care in the private sector or what may remain of the public sector.  The NHS smartphone app is a form of digital identification which may subsequently be linked to other personal information derived from state and/or corporate authorities.

But what of the experimental medical treatment itself?  Coercing anyone into taking it is a violation of bodily sovereignty tantamount to rape, but physically more long lasting as the damage to the immune system of the individual will last a lifetime, requiring continual ‘booster’ injections to try to recover part of what has been lost.  This is treating humans as cattle have been for decades.  GP surgeries, like the privately-owned pharmacies that administer these injections, will be primarily profit-driven businesses, the GP’s themselves having whored themselves to the pharmaceutical industry that has spent decades financially and psychologically grooming them to the point where these GP’s believe that they share the same interest, they are on the same side, as Big Pharma.  This subject was dealt with at length by Dr Ben Goldacre in his book Bad Pharma, published eight years ago.  He however has now become compromised due to his ties to Oxford University, hence to the Jenner Institute and to Astra Zeneca, whose ‘Vaxxers’ researchers are now hailed as heroines.

The principal issue with informed consent is the nature of the experimental medical treatment itself.  Even the relevant NHS site admits that You cannot usually choose which vaccine you have.  The very coercion into being administered with any of these experimental medical treatments runs contrary to living in a free society and contrary to the notions of ‘consumer choice’ that Conservative administrations have historically espoused.  Ultimately, it is a state-corporate partnership of control over the individual.  Even if these experimental medical treatments had completed Stage 3 trials, then this would be unjustifiable.  As it is, animal trials have been skipped, though as Coleman pointed out in his book Animal Experiments: Simple Truths, published fifteen years ago, these are usually highly inaccurate when trying to extrapolate to the effects on humans, as well an unethical as the animals themselves are incapable of consenting.  Goldacre has no objections to experimenting on animals but from his book, referred to above, even he admitted that they are inaccurate.

Phase 1 trials on humans have also been skipped, these are usually, as Goldacre pointed out, on a group of maybe a dozen healthy volunteers.  Phase 2 trials are those which would be carried out on up to about two hundred patients.  These ought to be from the demographic groups most at risk.  For SARS-COV2, better known now as COVID19, these Phase 2 trials should have been on a group of volunteers from within the top four priority groups, i.e. all those 70 years of age and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals and without any degree of coercion.  Ideally, the trials would be from a socio-economic cross section.  Why people of this senior age group may volunteer is because they want to feel that by doing so they can help future generations of the elderly.  Phase 3 trials are usually carried out on larger groups of volunteeers, each of up to two thousand people, from across the demographic spectrum.  The UK Parliament, in common with some others, intends these ongoing Phase 3 trials to be on the entire adult population and possibly even children aged under sixteen, who cannot consent, on the basis of ’emergency’ authorisation for a virus that is harmless to the vast majority of people other than the clinically obese and those in the top four priority groups.

There is a distinct lack of opposition to this totalitarian agenda, either within Parliament, the mainstream media (which has been bought) or the business community (ditto).  A desire for state control over the individual is common amongst illiberal Starmerite ‘progressives’, as it is amongst the Corbynista hard left, so it is no surprise that they are colluding with the Johnson regime whose ‘Conservatives’ are fascists in all but name.  Even the middle ground isn’t there as there is general Parliamentary consensus for the coercive programme.  The ‘Liberal Democrats’ claim to oppose ‘vaccine passports’ in a domestic context, but not for international travel; and they are indistinguishable from ‘Conservatives’ and ‘Labour’ in pushing the experimental medical treatments.  The ‘Greens’, far from being opposed to Big Pharma, as one might expect, are just as hand in glove as the three main parties.  The catchphrase no-one is safe until everyone is safe to ‘justify’ this coercion reeks of National Socialism, the Nazi ideology of the ‘The People’s Community’, der Volksgemeinschaft, which denies the individual his or her autonomy.

Returning again to Vernon Coleman, seven years ago, one of his many books dealt with the relevant subject, the title Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying.  Here’s The Proof, somewhat giving the game away.  It is a useful list of valid points and makes a good starting point for investigating the subject, but as with his other books, it lacks an index of references.  A better overall study, detailing the growing influence of the vaccination industry and the almost religious belief in the supposed benefits of vaccination, all the while ignoring the permanent damage to health that vaccination can cause, can be found in Brett Wilcox’s excellently referenced book Jabbed, published three years ago.  It puts into context that what is happening throughout many countries in the world now is not unprecedented, except in the lockstep of the programme.

The trend is clear: access to employment, public education, public space, public services, public transportation, health insurance, etc., will increasingly be tied to vaccination status.  Welcome to the world of the future, where wealthy people and their fellow elites will be the only ones free from the scourge of compulsory vaccinations.


Experimental Certification

This is what normality looks like, the normality that we have had stolen from us for one year, three months and still ongoing.  Even though most of the men in this picture are of advanced age, there is no so-called ‘social distancing’, no face masks, no culture of fear.  Bowls gets caricatured as a sport for elderly men; that is partly true, though there are competitors of all adult ages and from either sex.  It is an excellent way however for those of advanced years to keep active, fit, healthy and to maintain a competitive spirit.  So there are mental as well as physical health benefits.  Although this age group is at a higher risk for all respiratory illnesses, keeping physically fit and mentally healthy lowers that risk.  But for fifteen months we have inhabited a world in which people are not allowed to manage their own risk, over a virus that poses a low risk for elderly people who keep fit and active; and negligible risk for those of younger age groups who possess no other serious illnesses.  Yes, Corona Hysteria is the name of that game.

The annual English National Bowls Championships, competed by men’s and women’s teams representing a large number of county associations, takes place on Warwickshire’s home turf, which is also the national centre, in Leamington Spa, over a period of a few weeks from mid-August to early September.  Despite that being the low season for all respiratory illnesses, the 2020 championships were cancelled so the photos here are from 2019.  As of the time of typing the 2021 championships are still planned to go ahead, but are dependent on the government’s ever-changing ‘roadmap’.   Whilst this event doesn’t get television coverage and hence revenue, it forms an important social event for all involved.  It also provides revenue for local hotels and the hospitality industry in Leamington Spa, which is not as much of a tourist town as its conjoined twin of Warwick, let alone Stratford-upon-Avon, whose MP Nadhim Zahawi is the government’s chief pusher of the experimental ‘vaccines’.

Given the age profile of most of the competitors at the National Bowls Championship, it is likely that most will have had one or two doses of these experimental ‘vaccines’.  Precisely because they are still at the trial stage then the safety and efficacy of each can only be based on the most recent data from each of the pharmaceutical companies, in turn based on them providing honest information, something that they all have a poor track record of doing.  Given that there are four of these in use: Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna and Pfizer and that it is possible that an individual may have had a first dose of one, then a second dose of another, each competitor from each county would require an individual health assessment on that basis.  Bear in mind that not every competitor may have taken the experimental ‘vaccines’, unless Bowls England makes it mandatory in order to participate; and with all the propaganda that people without symptoms are supposedly ‘contagious’, then that would provide the supposed ‘justification’ for excluding any competitor who hasn’t.  Whilst bowls has never had a record of players using performance enhancing drugs, it would be somewhat ironic that participation in any sporting event could be dependent on having been injected with junk.

Each of these health assessments would then have to be combined via a mathematical model into an overall risk assessment for the event taking place.   The risk assessment would also need to include whether there is any likelihood of transmissibility (viral shedding) from any those who have recently received any of the experimental ‘vaccines’.  This risk assessment would then be required by the insurers.  The same logic could apply with regard to any event, a concert or a theatrical performance for example.  And based upon undertaking a risk assessment for competitors or entertainers, a similar one would be required for spectators or audience.  If all this seems over the top, then how else can any event be considered ‘Covid safe’, unless the definition is arbitrary?  Or an assumption made that taking one of these experimental ‘vaccines’ or a combination thereof is considered to be ‘safer’ than being ‘unvaccinated’, thereby providing the organisers with a government-backed pretext to exclude the latter?  (Note that the photos of the event were taken from a public footpath.  Would the ‘unvaccinated’ be excluded from using that?)

Last December Nadhim Zahawi claimed that the UK government had no plans to implement a vaccination certificate.  This claim was in spite of a ‘Covi-Pass Digital Health Passport’ having been developed more than seven months beforehand by Manchester-based VST and that company having been in advanced discussions with senior UK government officials.  So you can judge for yourself how truthful Zahawi’s statement was, particularly on the basis of the recent news that spectating at Euro 2020 football matches at Wembley Stadium and the All-England Lawn Tennis Club Championships at Wimbledon will require use of the NHS smartphone app showing ‘vaccination status’ to allow entry.  If use of the app at these events is considered to be ‘successful’  – and it is unlikely that it won’t be, given that the government has bought off the mainstream media – then expect it to be implemented elsewhere.  It feels almost as if the question that Zahawi responded to was a piece of theatre, just as Parliament itself has been for the past fifteen months.

At the risk of this becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, one obvious place that this NHS app showing ‘vaccination status’ could be required is the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, given that it is in Zahawi’s Stratford constituency and he could sell it as a means of ‘re-opening’ the economy of a town that has suffered the economic impact of the legislation introduced by the government of which he is a part.  Remember that he voted for the four-week ‘circuit breaker’ Tier 4 lockdown in November and that he has not even pretended to oppose any of the restrictions imposed by the government.  In March, actor and singer Michael Ball claimed to be one hundred percent in favour of ‘vaccination passports’ as a means of bringing audiences back to theatres.  Judge for yourself whether you feel that the acting profession or any other part of the entertainments industry is in a position to dictate about personal relationships with pharmaceuticals.

If implemented in the Football Premiership and Championship, then from a local perspective, the newly renamed Coventry Building Society Arena may exclude the ‘unvaccinated’ from a stadium that the Sky Blues have rarely managed to fill during the seasons that they have been based there.  It could therefore be seen a shrewd move by Ricoh that its brand has been recently removed and would therefore not be tarnished by association.   Similarly if such a policy were applied to Premiership Rugby for Wasps games and for concerts.  How would the Coventry Building Society’s customers feel about it sponsoring a stadium enacting such a discriminatory policy?  This is hypothetical at present but something that the customers of every business that sponsors a sporting and/or entertainment venue will need to think about.  A boycott of the business, giving the reason why, would be the most effective one.

Warwick Folk Festival, where such a ‘Covi-Pass’ may be envisaged for future use and which usually takes place in mid/late July in the castle grounds, has for the second year running been cancelled.  This year’s COVID19-induced cancellation has been because of the so-called ‘Delta variant’, or hay fever as it traditionally known, on the basis that ‘many in the scientific community’ had expressed ‘serious concerns’.  When next year’s hay fever season becomes another COVID19 ‘variant’, perhaps all participants and spectators will need to have updated their NHS smartphone apps with having had the relevant ‘jab’, because once you start down that road there is no way back.

Twenty miles down the road just over the Oxfordshire border, the Cropredy Festival planned for mid-August and hosted by the old-timers of Fairport Convention, is on hold for the same ‘Delta variant’ reason.  Its director Gareth Williams told the Guardian in March that ‘What we really need is for government to say everybody needs a vaccination to get in’, showing that ‘folk’ music really has lost its way.  Granted that many of the musicians and spectators will be of senior age, but making it mandatory to take a form of treatment in order to access the festival sends out a signal to the spectators that they are to be treated as nothing more than laboratory rats; and how will the insurance of these ‘vaccinated-only’ events be affected when someone contracts a COVID19 ‘variant’ after having attended?

Underlying all this is that implementing in these areas would only be the start, supposedly on a ‘temporary’ basis that would become as ‘temporary’ as the ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ sixty-five weeks later.  Once the NHS app requiring ‘vaccination status’ is required in business areas that are not a necessity for any customer, the requirement would then be extended to other businesses which are a necessity for almost everyone.  The very introduction of a requirement for ‘vaccination status’ downgrades by the state the citizenship of everyone who exercises personal bodily sovereignty.  As such, the citizen is entitled to downgrade his or her relationship with the state, by for example withholding the payment of taxes.  Even if the requirement were just limited to sports and entertainments why should these businesses be subsidised by the taxes paid of those who choose to remain uncontaminated by the pharmaceutical industry?  And if the legal rights of the ‘unvaccinated’ are to be denied, then they are entitled to ignore the rotten legal system that has done this.

Jeremy Wright QC, the MP for Kenilworth and Southam, is the former Attorney General, so he should understand full well the implications of such discriminatory measures and his opinions should also carry a lot of weight in the notionally ‘Conservative’ Party.  If he agrees to these discriminatory measures on the basis that they are supposedly ‘temporary’ to bring about a pseudo ‘normality’, then it would set a terrible precedent for the legal profession in this country, which will show itself to be bereft of integrity.  He should also be an educated enough person to understand the implications of the saying ‘when those who make the law, break the law, in the name of the law, there is no law’.  It is not a game, of flat green bowls or otherwise.

Addendum, 21 August 2021

With the English National Bowls Championships having started, unethically, but unsurprisingly, Bowls England is following the Johnson regime’s guidelines of insisting on proof of ‘double vaccine or negative test’ (in either case implicitly for COVID19 though not specified on the sign).  That the majority of those being hospitalised with attribution to the ‘Delta variant’ have been ‘double vaccinated’ gets conveniently ignored, as will any transmission of this ‘Delta variant’ by competitors or spectators.  Because the real issue is about control with the long-term damage caused by repeated injections of this experimental medical treatment being ignored. 

bowls england vaccine passport sign s1

For bowls championships in which a high proportion of competitors or spectators are of senior age, these requirements may seem trivial; and this is intentional as a form of grooming to get the public accustomed to signs like this appearing at all venues.  Thereafter, such signs could be familiar in shops or public spaces such as parks, these bowls championships taking place adjacent to Victoria Park, part of which is being used for the ‘hospitality’ tents, so these signs appear in a public park.  This is not what normality looks like.

Psychological Warfare

Agoraphobia and curtain twitching to Protect the NHS; from whom and for what purpose?  Protect it from everyone who is not a COVID19 patient and for the purpose of turning the NHS into nothing other than glorified drug dealers, dishing out experimental ‘vaccines’.  The Stay Home, Save Lives message being the same lie that has been peddled since the scamdemic started in March 2020, with a lead up in media coverage from the beginning of the previous month.  In the above advert, the person has been carefully selected as some Asian women may already feel constrained from socialising with people from outside their own respective communities, so the image will only reinforce that sense of isolation.  Asians and others of ‘BAME’ background have been ‘gaslighted’ into believing that they are at higher than average risk from COVID19 when even the JCVI has admitted that its recommendations were based on socio-economic, rather than genetic, factors.  It really is repugnant advertising, but only too typical of the psychological warfare that has been inflicted for the scamdemic.  This particular poster was on a billboard at a busy road junction near Leamington Spa railway station, but it has appeared at other locations and on the side of buses.

Whilst the most infamous of all NHS adverts has been telling people to Act Like You’ve Got It, advice from a supposed ‘National Health Service’ to practice Munchausen Syndrome, it has not stopped there; the NHS has also been telling people that wearing a face covering, in reality a mask, is making a difference.  Indeed it is, to the mask wearer’s ability to breathe properly with he or she inhaling the carbon dioxide waste gas just exhaled.  It is an excellent way to advise how to damage one’s respiratory system and it makes no difference at all to the spread of COVID19, because the advertising is based on the myth that those with no symptoms can spread the virus.  The irony of peddling the Stay Home, Save Lives message on the side of bus shelters is seemingly lost on whoever commissioned the propaganda.  It is rather like the messages that appeared over a year ago at railway stations, notably Leamington Spa, advising people DO NOT TRAVEL, whilst keeping the station opening and the trains running, mostly empty due to people either being instructed by employers to work from home, or otherwise obediently taking heed of the message when it seemed a temporary measure only that would be withdrawn by late Spring.

The latest propaganda from the NHS, again appearing mostly on bus shelters, has been to reinforce the practice of social distancing, and to make it seem like a gift on behalf of the NHS that it you are even allowed to socialise again in person; but that you must do so only from a distance and even then, only outdoors.  This is psychological programming and nothing else.   The NHS is dutifully obeying its primary purpose as a drug pusher for the experimental ‘vaccines’, in the above case peddling the myth that taking one of these ‘vaccines’ protects you and those around you, when it doesn’t do either.  It will weaken your immune system making you dependent on continual ‘boosters’, as is the intention.  It should be no surprise that this coincides with the privatisation of NHS Trusts.  Whether or not their new respective owners are the same companies manufacturing the experimental ‘vaccines’ is essentially beside the point.  NHS Trusts will exist for the sole purpose of providing profits for the new owners, whilst GP surgeries are financially incentivised per ‘jab’, showing that they too are primarily profit-driven enterprises.

vaxx notice 1 reduced

Local authorities have also got in on the act, although there is no obvious profit-making incentive for them to do so, unless they have invested some of their taxpayer-funded income in the pharmaceutical industry.  In the above example, Tory-controlled Warwick District Council placed the signage on community noticeboards in local parks, pushing the experimental ‘vaccines’ for supposed better days ahead, when we’ll all have become used to being treated as cattle, in order to benefit from the removal of restrictions that were never justified in the first place, replacing them with new restrictions based on ‘vaccination’ status.  As can be seen from the adjacent slightly covered notice, Warwickshire County Council, which is also Tory-controlled, is pushing COVID19 testing for those with no symptoms, to help keep your colleagues, family and friends safe.  This is peddling the myth of asymptomatic transmission, with the relevant testing centre being located at a county council Adult and Community Learning Centre, showing that the culture of testing has been given priority over education, although it is the latter that Council Tax is intended to fund.

princes drive billboard 1 reduced

Warwickshire County Council has displayed even higher profile advertising, the above billboard being by a railway embankment close to the Leamington campus of Warwickshire College (though not suprisingly there is also a similar one on a billboard by the railway station).  As well as pushing the testing agenda, it is also reinforcing the dystopian propaganda of ‘normalising’ masking up and treating other people as if they are contagious by keeping your distance from them.  Note that it simply refers to coronavirus, any coronavirus, take your pick.  Got a cold, get tested.  Doing the right thing for Warwickshire would be to sack whoever commissioned the spend on these adverts, though it is likely to have come from Uncle Rishi’s magic money tree (not the budget that has kept for example council-owned libraries on a click-and-collect only service, with no likely foreseeable return to pre-scamdemic normality).  The county council has indulged the 1 in 3 people having COVID19 without knowing it myth, as below (someone having tastefully tagged it), on an advert placed concurrent with and two billboards away from the one shown above.

princes drive billboard 2 reduced

In normal times, any private company making such spurious health claims would get prosecuted by the Advertising Standards Authority, if not by the county council’s own Trading Standards Service itself, which in August 2018 fined the owner of a local ‘juice bar’ for making spurious health claims about the products that her business was selling.  The business ceased trading within a year as a result of that fine and the damage to its reputation, with the retail premises being empty and ‘To Let’ as of the beginning of the Lockdown in March 2020.  Given how many other local independent retailers have gone out of business due to the Lockdown, then not surprisingly that retail unit is still empty and on the market.

whitnash coronavirus propaganda reduced

So that no-one feels left out with all this propaganda if they don’t go anywhere near large billboard adverts, Warwickshire County Council has commissioned banner adverts for different localities.  In the above case Whitnash being historically and officially a distinct town that is in reality a southern suburb of Leamington, quite close to where the Coronavirus Megalab is under construction.   The above banner is on the green beside the parish church.  More than this, the county council has even customised phone booths with Covidania.

All of this is to perpetuate the dehumanising ‘New Normal’ in which everyone’s life will be continually subject to testing, isolation and mask wearing.  Why any local authority would want to push this agenda can only be because those who work for it in the capacity of authorising this propaganda believe that they have the right to exercise total control over the lives of the people living within the geographical area that it covers.  There is a disconnect with the fact that the taxes paid by those people are financing the local authority roles.  That disconnect is because the local authority is acting as a subsidiary of the fascist state that operates at the national level.

kenilworth road social distancing sign reduced

Warwickshire County Council’s obsession with behavourial control doesn’t end with the testing signage.  The above sign is trying to equate social distancing with noise abatement, because having a conversation with someone two metres away will be quieter than if that person is next to you.  Or perhaps not.  The council should instruct whoever commissioned this sign to keep off the grass or whatever else he or she has been smoking.

clemens street sign july 2020 reduced 2

Finally, a mention must be given to Leamington’s ironically-named ‘Business Improvement District’, which includes a representative from each of the councils, for its social engineering that we should treat each other as if possessing radiation sickness.  The best thing to do with the above signage would be to stick it in a recycling bin.  Perhaps one could be conveniently placed here on Clemens Street.  The banner photo on its website still shows the Café Rouge in Regent Street that closed last July and for which the premises are still empty.  This is no surprise as notwithstanding the lockdowns, voted for by local Labour MP Matt Western, the consequence of this emphasis on social distancing is that people have done just that, socially distancing themselves away from the town centre, as evinced by the ever increasing number of empty premises with ‘To Let’ signs on.

clemens street social distancing stickers reduced

According to an article from a year ago in the local rag, this pioneering and colourful approach had received interest from as far afield as New Zealand, so Jacinda must like to display her dictatorship with flowers.

As an addendum, on a national note, we are being threatened once more with the re-introduction of local tiered lockdowns, based upon the supposed incidence of an ‘Indian variant’.  Covidanian cultists will be gullible enough to believe it, though anyone with a modicum of common sense can see that hyping up ‘variants’ is yet another excuse for unjustified draconian measures to remove our freedom and coerce more people into taking an experimental ‘vaccine’ that they neither want nor need.  After more than a year of lies, bullshit and propaganda in the name of ‘Covid’, millions of people are now at the end of their tether and will no longer tolerate more restrictions.  Local authority staff and those in the former National Health Service should prepare themselves for the backlash from all those who are at breaking point.

Population Control


An experimental ‘vaccine’ for the only ‘pandemic’ in human history that has needed an advertising campaign and a multi-million pound one at that, a scamdemicAct Like You’ve Got It.  But not merely one experimental ‘vaccine’, several, so that more of the pharmaceutical industry can reap the profits of human experimentation.  These may also be mixed into a lethal mix ‘n’ match cocktail; the health risks associated with the different ‘vaccines’ being deliberately downplayed by those pushing them, whilst the cynical sales ploys are to claim ‘shortages’, a ‘trade war’ with our EU neighbours – playing the patriotic card to appeal to Brexiteers – and inflate the statistics of uptake among different age groups, to try to make those who are doubtful feel that they are being left out.  Ultimately the health risk in not taking any of these experimental ‘vaccines’ is no different to how it has been over the past thirteen months, so there is no rational reason why any fit and healthy person should submit to any of them.

These ‘vaccine’ experiments were at first to be conducted solely on the ‘elderly and vulnerable’, however the latter be defined, using coercive tactics as required on those who neither wanted it, nor felt the need for any form of medication.  The vaccines made available every year for influenza are on a voluntary basis only and elderly people who keep themselves fit and healthy may feel no need to take any; and without any denial of medical treatment should they decline; but the principal of informed consent is now being cast aside in the push for implementing these experimental ‘vaccines’.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, JCVI, initially defined ‘Priority Groups’ down to age 50, the initial plan of the government being that only the highest four, i.e. aged 70 and above would be targeted, however this has changed with the highest nine, down to age 50 being targeted, ignoring the low risk of respiratory illnesses to people in those age groups who keep themselves fit and healthy.  Although the most recent update to the JCVI document does not mention people under the age of 50, except with underlying health conditions, coercion is also being applied to people under the age of 50 with some health trusts currently targeting those in the 40 – 49 age group at the time of writing.  That the British government wants to be the first in the world to administer these experimental ‘vaccines’ to the entire adult population, possibly even to children, is one of the more evil manifestations of the Johnson regime’s nationalistic ‘Britain First’ view of the world.  Perversely, it is supported by many who self-identify as pro-EU ‘Remainers’.  Go figure.

‘Gaslighting’ under the politically correct guise of ‘Mitigating Health Inequalities’ has been applied towards people in Black and Ethnic Minority (‘BAME’) Groups, due to ‘clear evidence’ that certain of these groups have ‘higher rates of infection, and higher rates of serious disease, morbidity and mortality’, due to ‘societal factors, such as occupation, household size, deprivation’, increasing the risk.  But socio-economic deprivation, irrespective of ethnicity, increases the risk of most illnesses; and it is no reason to apply coercive tactics or make people from any of these backgrounds feel that they are more at risk specifically from COVID19 than from any other illness, whether seasonal and/or respiratory.  Perhaps encouraging certain ethnic minorities to be at the forefront of the ‘vaccination’ experiment is also part of the nationalistic plan, with various ‘BAME’ celebrities acting as useful idiots, colluding with the Johnson regime?

All the while local authorities, knowing full well the widespread economic and societal damage done by the Lockdowns (although their own employees have been immune to that damage) are increasing the coercion by spending taxpayers’ money, shamelessly acting as drug pushers, peddling the lie that these ‘vaccines’ are required for a ‘return to normality’, a supposed ‘normality’ that will turn the population into ‘vaccine’ junkies for the pharmaceutical companies, that may themselves purchase privatised NHS Trusts; whilst the government minister appointed into the role for ‘COVID19 vaccine deployment’ is Nadhim Zahawi, the MP for Stratford-upon-Avon, who constituency town has taken a big economic hit with the Lockdown.  However that is not the specific reason that he has been chosen for the role.  More likely is that he is one of the founders of the YouGov ‘survey’ company that acts as a propaganda outlet for the nominally-only ‘Conservative’ government.  In January he denied that the government had ‘plans to introduce vaccine passports’, a claim that has subsequently turned out to be at best misleading.

The government is now considering implementing such ‘vaccination passports’  or ‘COVID19 certification’ to be used by specific businesses to ‘re-open the economy’ that the government itself all but shut down in the first place.  Even if these are mandated for certain areas such as travel and hospitality, by stealth, those areas will increase and that is an additional reason why they should not be legislated for in in the first place; nor should the government play the ‘free market’ card to allow private businesses to practice such discrimination, that would never have been allowed with regard to HIV and nor should it.  That the experimental ‘vaccines’ do not prevent transmission of COVID19 makes the supposed ‘justification’ for them all the more absurd, though ethically they are unjustified in the first place.  The ludicrous arguments being used in favour of these ‘vaccination passports’ or more accurately ‘COVID19 certifications’ are by comparing COVID19, a normal, seasonal respiratory illness, harmless to the vast majority of the population, with Yellow Fever.

One argument being put forward with regard to travel is that other countries may require such proof, somewhat disingenuous coming from a government whose sole reason for taking office was supposedly that of British sovereignty, of rejecting legislation put forward by other countries.  When the Department of Homeland Security implemented mandatory fingerprint checks, even for those from EU and/or NATO countries, who were entering the USA, at no point did the British government reciprocate.  If support for ‘vaccination passports’ is put forward by those of supposedly internationalist outlook then to be consistent they should advocate that people with positive HIV status should be denied entry to the UK on the grounds that other countries have such repressive legislation.  Ever one to make her opinions heard, Edwina Currie, former Under Secretary of State for Health, is pressing the case for these ‘vaccination passports’ for as she puts it to benefit pensioners like herself.  Her invention however is more likely to serve as negative product placement.

The history of vaccination, as detailed in the excellent book Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk, is one of how vaccination has been wrongly credited with the eradication of disease, when that eradication has come about by increased living standards, better sanitation and nutrition.  However the pharmaceutical industry has become so powerful that it has been able to exercise its influence over governments to mandate such vaccination, even when there has already been a marked decline in those diseases.  Of particular interest in the book, from a British perspective, is how the City of Leicester defied government, the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry to show it was not vaccination, but sanitation and quarantine of the sick and their immediate families (not a city-wide Lockdown), as the key to reducing the incidence of smallpox.

The book details that there have been precedents for coercive, even mandatory, vaccination, but there were no ‘vaccination passports’ or similar schemes.  Nor up until the past thirteen months, have the populations of numerous Western countries, notionally liberal democracies, been subject to intensive psychological warfare by governments, in collusion with the parliamentary ‘opposition’ of each, the mainstream media and most of the medical establishment, all acting in concert; and with the political establishments of these countries acting in lockstep to fulfill an agenda set by the World Economic Forum.  Ironically, it is increased living standards and the technology that has gone along with them that has facilitated the dissemination of the continual stream of this psychological warfare.

The reason why those of supposedly ‘internationalist’ and ‘liberal’ outlook support ‘vaccination passports’ is to conform  with the ‘Digital Green Certificate’ planned by the EU as a population control measure.  Their support for this shows that these ‘liberals’ are anything but that, the agenda all along having been an international ‘Covi-Pass’ as part of the digital surveillance state, the COVID19 ‘pandemic’ that never has been, having been the pretext.

Edwina Currie has unwittingly given the game away, that the elite (of politics, business, media, entertainment and sport), together with the ‘vaxxed’ up junkies awaiting their next soma injection are frightened of the fit and healthy ‘unvaxxed’, as the latter have not submitted to germophobia, hypochondria and Munchausen Syndrome.  The whole nature of the COVID19 scamdemic became most obvious with gyms, swimming pools and other sports facilities having been forced to close for most of the past thirteen months whilst McDonald’s and KFC drive-thrus have remained open.  Add in the absurdity of football spectators being required to muzzle-up and ‘socially distance’ whilst their wealthy heroes on the pitch do neither.  And of course when you visit a ‘hospitality’ establishment the requirement to muzzle up whilst standing but not sitting, although schoolchildren have been mandated to wear masks all day.  All these measures are about population control, they are not and never have been about health.  Added to which, there is now a huge backlog of cancer patients waiting for treatment by the ‘National Health Service’ that is now nothing of the sort, due its criminal level of negligence in prioritising COVID19 over illnesses that are higher risk and/or more severe.

In summary, neither the Lockdowns nor any of the associated restrictions that have been inflicted for the past thirteen months have been justified, nor are the ‘roadmap’ release conditions; and the violation of personal bodily sovereignty by coercive ‘vaccination’, with restrictions on those who decline, is a crime against humanity.  All these measures are a product of global governance by the World Economic Forum, which is at higher level than either the EU or the UK and which occupies the twilight world in which the population control embodied by both communism and fascism meet, implemented in the UK by the nominally-only ‘Conservative’ Johnson regime with collaboration from the ‘Labour’ non-opposition.  Publicly, the latter as enunciated by Jonathan Ashworth, MP for Leicester South and Shadow Health Secretary, are remaining non-committal over the principle of ‘vaccination passports’, querying only their use on a smartphone app in a domestic context.  It does not rule out a non-digital Certificate of Vaccination ID being required.

Finally, Boris Johnson yesterday claimed that the ‘reduction in hospitalisations, deaths and infections has not been achieved by the vaccination programme’, rather it has been due to the Lockdown.  This has been met with incredulity by many in the media who have supported the ‘vaccination’ agenda, not least those who have – or who have claimed to – taken one of the ‘vaccines’.  In reality the stated reduction is due to neither Lockdown nor the experimental ‘vaccines’, nor is it to do with testing or mask-wearing, because COVID19 is just yet another normal, seasonal respiratory virus, harmless to the vast majority of the population.  Boris Johnson’s statement may indicate the government is not currently expecting ‘vaccine’ uptake to be any higher than it currently is, based upon the inflated figures being published.  However come the Autumn, expect the narrative to change again with the ‘vaccines’ being given a further push.

Aside from a few contrarians such as Dan Hodges and Ian Dunt, few people in the media continue to advocate Lockdown, because the social and economic costs are now widely recognised.  The primary issue to fight on now is that of bodily sovereignty, that no government has the right to coerce anyone to take a ‘vaccine’, let alone all those that are still at an experimental stage, nor does any government have the right to impose discriminatory measures based upon ‘vaccination’ status, nor does any government have the right to mandate measures such as mask wearing which are harmful to those forced to do so.

Security State

Further to the post from last month, which is about Test & Trace, a new Coronavirus Megalab is being developed in Leamington Spa, on the site of the former Wolseley Plumb Center distribution depot at Harrison Way, CV31 3HH (large unlabelled buildings in the centre of the satellite view).  This location is co-incidentally shown on the previous post concerning the future of empty offices and warehouses.  Warwick District will therefore become the hub of the biosecurity state for England, a key part of the UK’s national infrastructure to respond to future epidemics, for which of course one could read new ‘variants’.   The local Conservative administration is celebrating the number of jobs that will be brought to the area, without any regard for the ethics of continuing this practice.  Even the Green Party, via leaflets distributed in the area, praises the number of roles being created, its only major concern being the impact on commuter traffic levels (at a site that was previously a busy company location).

Labour, as enunciated by local MP Matt Western and its friends in Unite the Union are unconcerned either about the ethics of continuing with Test & Trace, rather their concern is that the roles are not being incorporated within the NHS.  Not published in Unite’s concerns, but which must be, is that this lab and an additional one to be sited in Scotland will, according the government, form a significant boost in diagnostic capabilities that will be used for critical illness including cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.  Implicit in this statement is the potential outsourcing of roles that already exist within the NHS.  Unite has stated its belief that there will be a brain drain from local NHS Trusts, in addition to local graduates finding it more attractive than an NHS career, something that will only happen if the privately run megalab is perceived to offer better salaries, employment security and future prospects, mitigating the potential loss of not having a well-funded public sector pension scheme.

Unite also disingenuously claims that the ongoing Test & Trace being privately run has greatly exacerbated the number of deaths attributed to COVID19, which has contributed to the need for successive lockdowns.  As Unite well knows the number of deaths ‘involving’ COVID19 has been greatly exaggerated due to the NHS listing that as the cause of death, the privatisation in itself of Test & Trace is not the issue.  Now of course would be the ideal opportunity for Labour and many of its NHS-worshipping supporters to realise that they have been played, COVID19 and its associated development of such ‘testing’ roles being the perfect cover for outsourcing all NHS diagnostic testing with minimal public scrutiny.  Whether the form of ‘tests’ undertaken are Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or the apparently more accurate Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) is essentially beside the point.  Such testing, to be implemented in workplaces with more than fifty employees and even now in schools as part of the continuing War on Childhood (see local mural below with recent graffiti), is intrusive and unnecessary.

Addendum, 4 April 2021

Since typing all of the above, it has become obvious that work is ongoing with Balfour Beatty on site as the principal contractor for what is known as Project Jupiter.  There is a whiff of the ‘Nightingales’ about the project, with the best case scenario being that it ends up as just another massive financial scam.  A high tech diagnostic facility as this is claimed to be would normally be located at or adjacent to an existing research establishment, a university or a hospital (NHS or private), not on a trading estate surrounded by light industry and distribution warehouses.  It is noticeable that neither the University of Warwick nor any other university is associated with it, as would usually be the case for a project as supposedly cutting edge as the government press release claims.

Testing Time

The COVID Test Centre pictured above is located in Kirby Corner Road, Coventry, within the main campus of the University of Warwick and within walking distance of its associated Science Park and Westwood Heath Business Park.  With fewer students around than in normal term time and most of those employed by companies based at the science park and business park, now working from home (see previous post), it is hardly surprising that it is quiet.  I have taken photographs on another day and found it to be similarly so, though it appears to be part of a national trend, that begs the question of where do all the ‘positive’ test results come from?

Having witnessed people entering the COVID Test Centre located in Leamington Spa Old Town (a demographically mixed area in terms of age, status and ethnicity), it is not as if they are all unused all of the time.  So why do people agree to get tested?  Notwithstanding the recently announced government bribe of £500, it is because the person required to take the test has been identified as being in the same place at the same time as someone else who has subsequently tested ‘positive’, as a result of both using the NHS Test & Trace smartphone app.  This could be at a gym, where the equipment is all ‘socially distanced’ and the person later required to take the test may have been nowhere hear the ‘positively’ tested person, so very few such ‘cases’ have arisen at gyms; or at a pub or restaurant, where similarly the person required to take the test may have been nowhere near the ‘positively’ tested person.  Mostly, it is likely to be at a workplace, with the employer mandating that the employee take the test.  So in working-class households there are likely to be a higher proportion of people being tested than in middle-class households where the latter are working from home, having fewer personal interactions in any day, possibly none outside their own household (something that will ironically lower their immunity to ‘outsiders’).

One obvious issue with Test & Trace (originally called Track & Trace) is that of data protection.  In a surveillance society as the UK has been since at least the 1990’s, where every one of us gets viewed numerous times in every day by CCTV cameras, located in either public places or business premises (most obviously in any retail outlet) is this any worse?  Personal privacy outside one’s home is in that respect now already almost non-existent and has been for quite some time.  So in principle you could say no it isn’t any worse (which in itself would not justify it), but the COVID19 Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test is a sample of genetic material, not kept even within the NHS, but outsourced to private companies who can then cross-reference with other data held on the person tested.  What if any of those other companies were employers, pension funds, banks or insurers?

Additionally, if this trend of Test & Trace follows the model used in China, where it is ubiquitous and instantaneously loaded onto a centralised database, then every business transaction gets registered automatically; and this would be the case even if cash were permitted for making that transaction.  So retaining the use of cash will be of no benefit if Test & Trace, or an equivalent smartphone app, is always required.  Bear in mind that the withdrawl of cash from any bank or building society, either in person or via a machine is already recorded on a centralised database, which can easily be shared between these financial institutions.  Add in of course that if a temperature check is required (something that pubs in the UK have done when allowed to open), in addition to Test & Trace, then that gets loaded onto the same database as a ‘health’ measure, which could return a message saying that the transaction be cancelled and the individual needs to self-isolate for a set number of days.

The specific issue with these COVID19 PCR tests, as distinct from any other form of test for a viral illness, is the number of cycles through which the results are being run, with the standard being above that (thirty-five) recommended by Dr Anthony Fauci, Director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and other similar professionals in the field such as Dr Carl Heneghan, Director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.  The late Kary Mullis, who invented the PCR test, recommended that it is unsuitable for testing for the presence of any particular virus.  This high number of cycles means that a genetic fragment of any coronavirus, including the common cold, may be picked up.  A good summary of the PCR process is given the video below by Dr Samantha Bailey, a former GP, from New Zealand.

Returning to the subject of the UK specifically, it is these supposedly ‘positive’ test results that then feed into the official fatality figures, of people dying ‘within 28 days of a positive test‘. As these are the headline figures presented to and by the mainstream media, then it is clear that deaths even attributed to COVID19 have been inflated; and that is without taking into account the apparently miraculous drop in people dying from influenza; something broadcast even by the strongly pro-lockdown Sky ‘News’ channel, which of course uses it to peddle an agenda in favour of ‘vaccines’ and the anti-social, note mainstream media-dependent, ‘New Normal’ way of living.

Home Work

A prosperous conurbation with a high proportion of middle-class professionals, now mostly working from home in mainly affluent housing estates.  So it is unlikely that many businesses are likely to occupy already vacant office space.  There is a risk that with too much of this office space available, the commercial property market could collapse, affecting the share investments and pension schemes of those middle-class professionals who are currently oblivious to bigger economic picture, though most are well educated enough that they should be.  It is possible that some of that unoccupied office space could be converted into distribution warehouses for the new economy of home deliveries.  But the problem is that there is more than enough of that warehouse space already available (see below).  All photographs herein taken in November & December 2020.

Given that most of this office space is on purpose built business parks, with some on multi-purpose trading estates, where it is attached to a distribution centre (such as in one of the above pictures) it is unlikely to be suitably located for residential use.  In the former case it is plausible that the entire business park could be demolished and replaced with residential dwellings.  Or could those mainly low-rise offices become the new model for twenty-first century dwellings with little personal privacy, smart homespace for the smart city?  The three-decade long era of the business park, which the late author J.G. Ballard regarded as a dystopian environment in itself, not so much coming to an end, as being adapted for the Global Reset Brave New World?

Warwick Technology Park, located to the south of the town, is one such that could become like this.  The University of Warwick, whose main campus is on the south-western edge of Coventry, has an Innovation Centre with free office space on the technology park.  There is also empty office space available at one of the other units.  More to the point is that the other office buildings which were mostly occupied are now mainly deserted, as can be seen during the week by the lack of vehicles in the respective car parks and on the access road.  Whilst the technology park has for the past few decades been in a semi-rural area, it is now being partly surrounded by new housing developments, so the conversion of many of its units to apartments could be absorbed into these.

Some former offices could end up as student accommodation if university courses return to tuition in person, rather than on-line.  At Westwood Heath Business Park, south-west Coventry, there is already some empty office space, as one would expect.  There is also purpose built student accommodation for the nearby University of Warwick (both pictured above).  The business park, the university and its associated science park form what is, in normal times, a busy economic hub, with many middle-class professionals commuting from Balsall Common, Knowle and Dorridge (administratively part of Solihull), Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick and Stratford, to the point that this hub is essentially part of the same economic area as those (and all were in the same lockdown Tier).  Coventry University Technology Park, located just south of the city centre, on the former Rolls Royce site, is another such hub, which also currently has empty office space available and which could go the same way.

coventry university technology park

Reading all this, you might think that the transformation isn’t so bad and the notion of integrated work and home has been discussed in academic circles for the past couple of decades.  The real issue to address is the lockdown pretext by which this is being brought about, rather than an honest agenda being put forward.  In the meantime, many people who are working from home will discover the additional costs to their respective fuel accounts come the Spring; they may have already noticed the additional water costs when receiving a statement of account during the Autumn.  Spending a penny costs money assuming that one flushes and refills the cistern, easy to overlook when not in one’s own dwelling.  Added to that, many of the professional middle-class working from home adopted the gated community mentality, enjoying the lack of social interaction with clerical staff and others whom they consider to be ‘beneath’ them.

The lowest rung in the office caste system has always been agency ‘temps’, on short-term contracts, at best usually for six months, at worst on a daily basis.  They get the labour-intensive dogsbody work with no guarantee that it will get any better; and for those employed on a daily or weekly basis, no annual leave entitlement.  But ‘temping’ can at least provide work detail to put on one’s Curriculum Vitae, in the hope that better employment could arise.  Judging by the picture below, taken in Leamington Spa in early November, one of the main recruitment consultants for office-based staff, Adecco, has recently shut up shop (though its website search facility has not been updated accordingly).  This means that either that local demand has dried up for office-based staff, or the equivalent roles to be done from home; or that Adecco itself has decided to move to a mainly on-line based recruitment system, divesting itself of the need for as many of its own recruitment offices (though it still retains some elsewhere).

adecco recruitment warwick street

What is frequently overlooked about home work is that the costs are borne by the home worker, as well as the social isolation, which may suit some; though it is the informal networking and the interaction with people of different grades, different skill levels and different backgrounds – yes the diversity buzzword –  more than the in-built hierarchy that holds the fabric of most companies together.  It helps all employees to build up their social skills and to find out on the grapevine about what is happening elsewhere, via chance meetings by the coffee machines, the queue for the staff restaurant or in the gangways separating rows of hot desks.  Maybe, for those in locations to benefit from it, conversations with others in the changing rooms provided for cyclists, or car sharing with someone in a different part of the company.  Each of these helps to broaden one’s own knowledge of the company, which benefits the latter, if those running it want people to feel engaged and not merely as disposable contractors.  Perhaps that is the agenda, as it gives the employer more flexibility and allows it to worsen employment terms and conditions?

One final point is that in order to pay off the huge amount of debt incurred by the lockdown, with its business support grants, furlough etc, it is plausible that many parts of the public sector – Ofqual for example which is based in Coventry, adjacent to the former Technical College at the Butts just west of the city centre – could be sold off to large private corporations that no longer have defined benefit final salary pension schemes for new employees, if indeed they ever had them.  Working from home will make it more difficult for employees to take collective action to oppose such privatisations, something that their union, most likely UNISON, ought be aware of even if it supports the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  It is even possible that if central government cuts back finance to local authorities, then some of them may go the same way.  At the risk of making this a self-fulfilling prophecy, Coventry City Council for example, its assets, liabilities, income and expenditures, could all be transferred to a large private corporation that would freeze salaries and downgrade terms and conditions, including of course pensions.  For the public sector lockdown-lovers, the Karmavirus would truly have struck.

Exit Strategy

The European Union’s four freedoms, of people, goods, services and capital run entirely contrary to lockdowns, any lockdowns, whether within a particular member state or between them.  In particular, the freedom of movement of people, or more accurately labour, in free market terms means that any employment position can be moved anywhere within the European Union.  Thus a role with a state broadcaster, local authority, health service trust, water company or energy utility, could in principal be relocated from Britain to Bulgaria, the latter of course having much lower labour costs.

This hasn’t happened yet to any appreciable degree, if at all, for those back or middle office roles where it plausibly could be.  With a large number of both public and private sector roles having been fulfilled for more than nine months by working from home, then there would be no need to physically relocate them, but the remuneration could be based on that of a lower cost country such as Bulgaria.  Ah, but we have left the European Union, so that won’t happen …?  Why not?  It is most likely to happen for those roles with the least requirement for specialist skills, i.e. administrative, data inputting and the like.

It is peculiar feature of the tribal nature of British politics that among the most hardcore believers in those four freedoms – or who claim to be – are millions of people who fanatically support lockdowns, the longer and the harder the better.  The reason for this lies within their socio-economic status; the professional middle class being in general the most strongly in favour of British membership of the European Union, because they are more geographically mobile, believing that they can relocate around the continent without loss of status.  They view the lockdowns as something that should not adversely affect themselves in the long-run, which shows in their thinking a level of cognitive dissonance, that somehow the right to be geographically mobile will, for their social class, still exist in the future.

These are also the people who have enjoyed working from home, saving the time and costs of commuting, whilst not looking at the longer term as to whether the geographically specific part of their respective salaries are sustainable.  This is not just with reference to a London weighting, where applicable, but it could apply to being based in a prosperous, hence expensive, area such as Warwick District, which voted 58.8% to 41.2% in favour of Remaining within the European Union during the 2016 referendum; and which is home to a large number of middle-class professionals employed by blue-chip companies or at the University of Warwick, though the main campus of the latter lies just with the boundary of the City of Coventry.

Among these hardcore supporters of lockdowns are those that support the organisations still inaccurately known as the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats.  But then of course, political nomenclature is now meaningless when the increasingly Disunited Kingdom is led by a Conservative Party that is anything but, committed as it is to destroying very large swathes of the small-scale private sector – the local mercantile class who have long been its lifeblood – and to increasing the powers of the state.

It is clear that the nominally-only Conservative government has no exit strategy from the perpetual cycle of lockdowns, but then nor has it ever developed an exit strategy from the European Union.  In the former case, it is claiming to ‘follow the science’ whilst doing the complete opposite, in order to implement the Global Reset, which is at a higher level than either the EU or the UK.  In the latter case, its lack of strategy means severing all ties that have developed over the past forty-eight years with our continental neighbours (settling for the present with a fudged ‘deal’ with limited benefits), with many of those who justifiably complain about this lack of an exit strategy happily supporting the lack of an exit strategy from lockdowns.

So does it mean that these ‘Remainers’, or more accurately ‘Rejoiners’ support the Global Reset?  Are these people technocratic communists?  A vociferous minority, employed exclusively within academia, may well be; and it is also noticeable that ‘Remainer’ ultras possess a strong authoritarian streak with their desire for a centralised European Superstate, with no opt-outs.  Or is it more likely that their outlook is just based on self-interest?  Working from home in a middle-class housing development, where they remain nicely segregated from the lower orders, as the ‘New Normal’, suits them and any spurious case to keep that going as long as possible, to establish it as permanent, must be supported.  Whilst the detrimental economic and health effects of the lockdowns to millions of other people are ignored.  These pro-EU lockdown supporters have adopted the same I’m Alright Jack attitude to the world as they accuse Leave voters of possessing.  But the hypocrisy does not just exist on the ‘Remain’/’Rejoin’ side…

‘Leavers’ claim to have been voting in favour of freedom from a domineering state run by unelected officials.  Yet as Francis Hoar, who is himself a ‘Leaver’, has pointed out on Twitter, many of these people have supported the lockdown measures, in the process showing how spurious their ‘libertarian’ credentials are.  Only late in the day did some ‘Leavers’ begin to question the lockdown measures, Patrick O’Flynn being a good example.  Even Julia Hartley-Brewer never questioned the Spring lockdown.  Rather, she enjoyed displaying the indiscreet life of the bourgeoisie, by boasting on Twitter about her middle-class working from home lifestyle.  Most obviously of all, the nominally Conservative government, whose policy was until the start of the lockdowns and subsequently for the first eight months of them, set by unelected ‘advisor’ Dominic Cummings.  It was he reputedly who wanted the lockdown put in place in late March, a lockdown that he of course then famously went on to break.

In any case, prior to Cummings’ ascendancy the UK has long been run by unelected, unaccountable officials in the civil service and the House of Lords.  It is long overdue that millions of those who voted for us to Leave the European Union ditched the tribal identity that they subsequently adopted (along with their fake animosity to a European Union whose freedoms that they have happily taken advantage of) and admitted that it was, based on having waited so long in the face of repeated false promises of a referendum, all just a protest vote, abetted by the mainsteam media who had predicted a comfortable majority for Remaining in the EU.  So voting Leave seemed a safe thing to do in the knowledge of never having the live with the consequences.

One obvious issue that always gets overlooked is British people’s sense of engagement with the European Union dropped as the value of the pound did against the Euro from late 2007 onwards and remained subsequently lower as a consequence.  Prior to that, most British people were happy to be part of a European Union that offered them good value for money; and even amongst those who subsequently went on to become Leave voters, many would have agreed to us joining the Euro at the old fairly stable exchange rate of about €1.45 to the pound, though for tribal reasons, they won’t admit it now.

So here we are, with the worst government in living memory, devoid of an exit strategy from the European Union that would be the least disruptive to maintain the well-being of the economy and maintain good relationships with our continental neighbours; and similarly devoid of an exit strategy from the never-ending cycle of lockdowns, which at best may be relaxed but never scrapped, other than with a so-called ‘vaccine’, for which there is hard push, as a bait.  That experimental ‘vaccine’ has been rushed into production, distribution and injection as part of Boris Johnson’s nationalistic ‘Britain First’ view of the world, something which those ‘Remainers’ who support the policy have not picked up on.  Irish journalist Fintan O’Toole, who is vehemently anti-Brexit has done, though he has not stated any opposition in principle to a rushed ‘vaccine’ being implemented in Ireland or Britain, rather he has called out Boris Johnson for the latter’s nationalistic grandstanding on the matter.

When I’ve discussed the Tier 4 lockdown in the South East, now extended to a greater area of England with the remaining areas likely to follow, as a convenient cover for the trade disruption and possible food shortages in certain areas as a result of a No Deal Brexit or the fudged ‘deal’ that has been adopted, I have been extolled to ‘Buy British’ from people who probably don’t themselves when it suits, but are also happy to go along with everything that this appalling government instructs, including the idiotic guidelines on mask wearing and the adopted culture of lockdown tiers.

It is a thankless task trying to make them realise how Britain, England in particular because of its high population density, is highly dependent on food imports.  They don’t understand when I mention the Wigan Pier reference that we may all end up just living on herrings and potatoes.  Do not underestimate the level of compliance with government among the public on matters of both Brexit and lockdowns.  They genuinely believe that the government will sort everything out.  Challenging these people to possess a modicum sense to think for themselves is like trying to fight a war on two fronts.

As for the tribal identity that developed as a consequence of the stasis following the 2016 referendum, it has made building an opposition movement to the lockdown and all related legislation that much more difficult.  There are some  ‘Remainers’ who are vehemently opposed to lockdown legislation, though on Twitter their views tend to get drowned out; whilst some ‘Remainers’ are opposed to lockdowns but believe that Brexit is worse, hence that is where they expend their energy.  So compare and contrast with Germany where anti-lockdown protests have attracted significantly higher numbers of people than in Britain.  Overall, the referendum served two useful purposes, it left the country almost irreconcilably divided, by age most obviously and it served as a convenient distraction for the four years from when campaigning started in the Spring of 2016 up until the start of the lockdown this year.  The influence of the World Economic Forum, the Chinese Communist Party and Big Pharma all went un-noticed.

However in Hidden Hand, Clive Hamilton & Mareike Ohlberg’s book on the global influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), it views Brexit is an opportunity to take control of ‘The City’, which is already the leading overseas trading place for renminbi (RMB).  The CCP, via front companies, will also be able to take advantage of the lockdown-induced collapse in commercial property values in London.  So it looks like Brexit has just resulted in British sovereignty transferring from Brussels to Beijing, with the social model to accompany it.  There was never any chance whatsoever of Britain becoming fully independent upon leaving the EU.  Without having ‘Europe’ to continually blame for our woes though, it is increasingly likely that Britain will split into its three constituent parts, or become even more fragmented, with the ‘British’ part of Ireland being cut adrift regardless.